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KACEY MUSGRAVES: The chrysalis became a superb butterfly!

Kacey Musgraves - Butterflies

I had the pleasure, years ago, to see and listen to Kacey Musgraves and take a few pictures of her, live on stage in France. I will rtegret MY LIFE LONG, not to interviewed her (do not wanted to distrub her...) when she had diner in a small pizzeria in Saint Agrève France in 2010. She was a young lady, far from the butterfly she became. The song ''Butterflies'' is a pure wonder, a raw jewell, beautiful melody and crystal voice. I cannot stop to listen to it again and again. A real and pleasant addiction. ''Butterflies'' is one of the great songs from her ''GOLDEN HOUR'' album.

Country Music does not only come from USA but also from Canada !!!...
Franck Boucheraud

... And, it’s official now since february 11th, Franck Boucheraud became the European Coordinator for Sakamoto´s Agency roster in Europe.

Franck Boucheraud, founded in 2008 ''Canadian Music Night'' wich each year during American Tours Festival (one of the most popular french music festival) get more ond more visitors.

Ron Sakamota was the first Shania Twain's promotor and organised last Keith Urban's Tour.

In 2017, during Canadian Country Music Awards, Franck Boucheraud received Leonard T Rambeau Award

Franck declared : « It is such a great honor. Thanks for the trust of Sakamoto´s CEO & management team, Paul Biro & Ron Sakamoto. »

And what the Agency wrote on his web site

Us usual, since seven years now: an unbelievable Country Festival! Most of USA's Country stars went and in the futur most of them will ! New this year Germany and Netherlands added

Cody Johnson is probably one of the best Country neo-traditionalist artist of his generation. His brand new album prove it one more!
Cody Johnson

Ain’t Nothin’ to It

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Ain’t Nothin’ to It - 2. Noise - 3. Fenceposts - 4. Understand Why - 5. Long Haired Country Boy (avec The Rockin’ CJB) - 6. Nothin’ on You - 7. Honky Tonk Mood - 8. Monday Morning Merle - 9. Y’all People (Dedicated to the ‘‘CoJo Nation’’) - 10. Where Cowboys Are King- 11. On My Way to You - 12. Doubt Me Now - 13. Dear Rodeo - 14. Husbands and Wives (Live) [Bonus Track] - 15. His Name Is Jesus (Live) [Bonus Track]

Cody johnson - Ain't Nothin' To It

One of the best country album I heard from the begining of this year.

Meghan Patrick, launch her second album: 'Country Made Me Do It''
We listened it and... Adore it, and gave her a four stars on five !

Meghan Patrick second album: 'Country Music Made Me Do It'

Country Music Made Me Do It

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France

1. Country Music Made Me Do It2. George Strait - 3. Walls Come Down - 4. The Bad Guy - 5. Small Town - 6. The Buzz - 7. Feel Me Gone - 8. Hardest on My Heart - 9. We Got It All - 10. Case of Beer and a Bed - 11. The Way You Apologize - 12. Underrated

Warner Music Canada - January 18th

Take a look at his smashing hit: 'When The Walls Come Down'

We were lucky enough to see her live on stage last summer when she came to ‘‘Country Night’’ at American Tour Festival, France (Thanks Franck Boucheraud!). A good way to discover that great canadian artist. Her first album ''Grace and Grit'' (2016) was already a very good one. The second is a pure jewel, full of high level melodies, twang, rythm, power and magical voice.


Dierks Bentley announced his ''BURNING MAN TOUR''
Dierks Bentley Burning Man Tour 2019

The Tour will start january 17th with 10 dates in Western canada and will end on mach 30th at Grand Rapid, Mi.

You probably know that know, we at Country MusicMag love Dierks Bentley and since a longtime now he is one of our favourite Country Music artist!

''The Mountain'' his last album is a real master piece, showing for those we still need a confirmation that he became one of the best. (''Black'' and ''Riser'', is 2 précédent albums were high level too!).


Unbelievable : 83 weeks in a row at Country Music Albums Billboard Top 50 and 21st time on the first step!!!

He recently won two CMA prestigious Awards :

  • ''Male Vocalist of the year''


  • ''New Artist of the year'

But most of all (?) Luke Combs get an exceptional record: being the first new artist to place in the front row of Country Music Albums Billboard Top 50 21st time for his first album ''This One's For You''!

A great Country Outlaw singer songwriter. May be next artist Nashville will 'discover' when they will be tired of Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson?
Creed Fisher - life Of A Working Man

I discovered this guy today and instantly gave him 5 stars to the review I will publish on my Country music Mag 63rd issue (late february) of his last album ''Life Of A Workin' Man''

CREED FISHER - Life Of A Working Man
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, France GREAT ALBUM !
1. This Place Called USA - 2. Life of a Workin' Man - 3. If You Wanna Have a Good Time - 4. You Got an App for That? - 5. Drink, Smoke, Cuss & Fight - 6. This Side of Town - 7. Daddy's Been Gone Too Long - 8. The Way That I Am - 9. I've Been Drunk and I'm Still Drinkin' - 10. Too Late Now to Give a Damn
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