Garth’s The Legacy Collection has now sold more than 34,200 units (720,000 vinyl records) for a total sales of more than $3.4 million

 During the first run, during an only 18 hours on february 28th of sales opportunity, Garth sold 20,000 units (420,000 vinyl records) for sales totaling $2 million.

On second run, march 14th, for 24 hours fans could pruchase the 3 different packages (21 vinyl records for $100), Garth had sold more than 14,200 units (300,000 vinyl records) for sales totaling more that $1.4 million.

The Legacy Collection will be ship on November 1st

Garth Brooks fans will soon be able to hear more of the entertainer’s classic hits on vinyl, via a new collection comprised of three separate sets, as part of The Legacy Collection. The Limited Edition set will include albums that are digitally remastered from analog recordings or CDs; the Digitally Remixed/Remastered Edition will include vinyl albums and CDs that are digitally remixed, except for Triple Live recordings; finally, the Analog Edition includes vinyl albums and CDs from the original analog recordings.

Each of the three box sets includes both vinyl as well as CDs of albums including Brooks’ classic No FencesThe ChaseIn Pieces,Fresh Horses and Triple Live. Each of the limited-edition Legacy sets will be numbered, and those who pre-order a set can reserve their own personalized number.

The sets will go on sale on Tuesday (Feb. 26) at 7 p.m. ET for $100 for all three box sets with the reserved number personalizations.

Brooks made the announcement on Monday, Feb. 25 via his Inside Studio G Facebook Live. During the segment, he explained the meaning behind the unique cover for the collection, which features an astronaut on the moon. Brooks explained a comment from a radio host who said Brooks could well be “the first man to play on the moon,” inspired the cover. Brooks then approached NASA and gained access to a photo from Apollo 14. The cover features a photo of fans at a Garth show superimposed over the astronaut’s space helmet.

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