1. Every Little Honky Tonk Bar - 2. Two More Wishes - 3. Some Nights - 4. God And Country Music - 5. Blue Water - 6. Sometimes Love - 7. Codigo - 8. Old Violin - 9. Take Me Away - 10. The Weight Of The Badge - 11. Honky Tonk Time Machine - 12. What Goes Up - 13. Sing One With Willie [with Willie Nelson]

MCA Nashville - March, 29th, 2019


With George Strait, no surprise! You have always get and always will have TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC. Fiddle and Pedal Steel will be strongly there. It is what hard core country music fans needs and want to move their ass on the dance floor of Broken Spoke or any other Honky Tonk bar in Austin, TX.

Good old honky tonk songs, nice ballads, a little of Rock'n'roll and some undying Western swing. Shake it all and put George Strait voice on it and you will have an excellent album - like usual - .

So with George Strait, that's for sure: no need of a time machine to be in honky tonk paradise!