Lauren jenkins - No Saint



1. Give Up The Ghost - 2. You’ll Never Know - 3. Maker’s Mark And You - 4. Payday - 5. No Saint - 6. Running Out Of Road - 7. Cadillac - 8. My Bar - 9. All Good Things - 10. Blood

Big Machine Label Group - March 15th, 2019

Reviewed: march 15. 11.57 AM, Nashville time

I always wonder how Scott Borchetta and his team are always abble to find, without end it seems, new talent?... Lauren Jenkins, this uncredible multi-talented artist present us today her debut and great album. A voice you won't forget as son as you heard it. Something coming deep. Her biography learn us that she is on the road since she is 15. This already long ''career'' can be heard in any of the notes she sings. A self confidence, fruit from longtime experiences.

The album opens on a great rockin' ''Give Up The Ghost''. Attractive pulsation of the drums, deepness of the voice. This title got it all to become a mega hit! Am I back in the seventies and my young days when young american girls like Pat Benatar (and then in the nineties Sheryl Crow) knows how to rock!?!

''You'll Never Know'' is a more intimistic song but, once again with a god damned good rythm.

We get (a little) slower, to take our breath with ''Marker's mark And You'' a mid tempo.

''Payday'' sound more country than the rest with his hypnotic rythm, on stage croud will sing along with her.

''No Saint'' comes and we quickly understand why Lauren choose to take this slow song and nice ballad with sweet broken voice as title of her album: probably one of the best song of the album.

We go on with another nice ballad: ''Running Out Of The Road''. Love the final guitar solo mixed with a tired voice!

''Cadillac'' is mid-tempo song, not my afourite...

''My Bar'' awakes us with his quick beat, another hypnotic train rythm. Not easy to stay sitting on my chair, want to dance.

''All Good Things'' put the voice in front more than in other songs

''Blood'' will close this album slowly with elegance

No hesitation to have: this album will receive our Country music Mag, France 4 stars on 5. It is the less that he desserve and kinda rare for a debut album

Congratulations Lauren!!!

Today Lauren Jenkins will also make her debut on Grand Ole Opry scene!... What a memorable day!!! a day she will remeber her life long, that's for sure!!!