Honky Tonk Heart by ray Scott



1. Honky Tonk Heart - 2. It Is What It Is - 3. Trainwreck - 4. Leave This Town - 5. Thank You Baby

Jethropolitan Records LLC - March 1, 2019

We find again with pleasure the same good old Ray Scott, a raw an authentic artist, far from Nashville standards. Still not ready to become a pop star... He loves too much steel guitar ;-)

The album begin on burning wheels with "Honky Tonk Heart", a song that could raise the dead and will be perfect to open his live show. We slow down with ''It is What It Is", a sweet ballad. The third song: ''Trainwreck'' is pure Honky Tonk. The kind we love. ''Leave This Town'' is Another nice ballad and propose us such a beautifull melody. It is what will happen again with the last song: ''Thank You Baby'', an introspective song. The only regret: that this album was only a 5 songs EP. Ray we want, we need some more!!!