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March 10th, 2010, I was lucky enough to be one of the rare french guys (most of the public was american) to see and listen to Sugarland in a small club in Paris, France. It was the end of your first ever (and only) European tour. A moment I will remember all my life (and I saw hundred of shows since 1976 and my deep love for american and english music), the joy, spirit, power, happiness and emotions Jennifer and you bring to your public was… exceptional! The way Jennifer sang ''love'' was… Pure magic!

Then, March 1st, 2013, I had the pleasure to meet you shortly, before CMA International Marketing Summit and Songwriters Series show at Billy Bob's, Disneyland Paris. I show you the album of photographs I took of this Paris show and you wrote some very kind words in my album. I could feel, once again, all the enthusiasm and the positive attitude you had in your eyes and heart.

2016 what a year ! Participation to, Troubadour'' your first musical; Benny Brown’s proposal to produce Lindsay Ell debut album; new single ‘‘Sing Along’’ (the first and most joyful heart breaking song I have ever heard!); a coming soon (?) new solo album in a new record company...

2016 Was a year of the unexpected. From Troubadour to Lindsay Ell’s album to the true beginning of my second solo album, It has been everything I have wished for so many years, a chance for me to write more songs, record them, and have a home for them out in the world.

Don't you think that Jon Bon Jovi’s song : ‘‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’’ was made for you? Ha!!! I love those guys. More seriously… Do you agree that your (temporary ?) break with Sugarland (because of Jennifer Nettles pregnancy and other good reasons) bring you the room and liberty you needed to spread your own wings ?

The break has given me the chance to really go out and learn from the talented songwriters, artists, and producers in Nashville that I had been too busy to meet.

Did it help to take confidence, not only in your songwriting but also, an important things too: with your own voice ?

It is a thrill for me every time I hear a song of mine on the radio, and an even bigger thrill to hear my own voice coming through the radio speaker. I am grateful every time it happens, and it never stops bringing me joy.

I have always had the feeling that life was some kind of puzzle with pieces (sometime) meeting together in a fabulous way ! What do you think of this impression ? I love the way the world seems to constantly surprise me with something I would have never thought of that I love. If it is a puzzle, it feels like one that keeps growing bigger and one that doesn’t seem to have edges.

Now a question about your last brand new experience: A few words to qualify your experience to work in a musical, what did it bring you more ?

Working on “Troubadour" brought me two new gifts. First, it brought me a beautiful perfect collaboration with playwright Janece Shaffer. Our dialogue while creating is something special that I have not experienced before. Her stories come alive in my mind. Second, it had been a long while since I had written songs alone. I wrote all of the songs from “ roubadour" by myself, and the confidence that it brought me in retrospect was so valuable.

So now, focus on your actuality: the production of Lindsay Ell debut album

Return of one of the things your made of: ''good work with exceptional women''. My good hear and the magic her talent and yours already make me feel that this collaboration will make a new step on both your careers.

KristianBush & Janece Shaffer

Can you describe me in what Lindssay got this ''special thing''. We already both know she is a exceptional guitar player but more than that, can you talk me about his voice or other think you feel rare in her ?

Lindsay’s voice as a writer, as a player, and most importantly, as a singer, speaks to me. I love the way she phrases in all three instances and I love the integrity and respect that she has for herself on the songs. She is brave on the inside and the outside now.

Kristian Bush & Lindsay Ell

Useless to talk about the incredible way she play guitar but you compare (like I do) her voice to Sherryl Crow... I love all of the different influences I hear in her voice and songs. I’m a big fan of Sheryl Crow and can hear that all over the place in Lindsay’s album.

Kristian, you showed in the past years how eclectic you were in your professional ways… Singer, great guitar player, songwriter, producer, musical songwriter, and it seems to be for you a dream come true : TV Theme songwriter (and I surely forget some…) I also learned that you worked in 2013 with Sylvie Vartan, one of our most famous and popular singer on a country album (''Sylvie in Nashville''). How and why did she contact you and in what your work with her consist in?

I was asked to submit some songs for her album from her producer Michael Lloyd. Sylvie and I met one day in the lobby of a beautiful hotel in Paris and I listened to her tell me what kinds of songs she loved, what emotions she was chasing in this album, and what attitudes she was attracted to. I love that she loved my songs and was honored and thrilled to be collaborating with such an iconic French artist.

What are your next project (film maker, american president ;-) more seriously: an idea about what will come next?…

I am about to finish my second solo album. It is something bigger, better, louder, and more fun than I have attempted before so I am busy putting the final touches on this one. You can find me most days writing for other artists, for myself, for tv or film, and now producing.

One last word: I love this ''sing along'' song and the end of the video brought me tears each time I see it again. as a 33 years old marriage guy with a son (29) and a daughter (31) and now 2 grand sons, it touches me a lot and It shows all the sensibility you get in you and put into your songs and music.

Thank you!! Thank you for listening. That is all I ever truly wish, is for my songs to travel out into the world and help people wherever and whenever they can.