In 2006, I (re)discovered Country Music* and could not believe how many talented artists I found in this musical genre. Since then I became a hard core fan and put all my experience and energy to promote this fabulous music in France.

I Created and was fool enough, 2 years later, to create the first bimontlly printed french colour magazine dedicated to US Country Music.

Some said: ''it will never work''...

63 issues later, I send them my better message I could: It works!


In our 63rd issue: one of the greatest american writers: Craig Johnson!

63rd SUMARY:

  • An exclusive interview about his taste in Country Music.
  • 12 last Country albums reviews
  • Summer french Country Music Festivals
  • Grammies: Kacey Musgraves
  • Focus: Colt Walt... 'Son' of Johnny Cash?
  • Good Ol' time: Charley Pride
  • USA Roazd Trip: Lake George, Adirondack ; Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls
  • Country Music live DVDs

* : Billy Ray Cyrus international hit: ''Achy Breaky Hart'' was my first contact with this musical genre