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Gretchen Peters - The Night You Wrote This Songs

Once again, one more beautiful album! As I wrote on its review on my last Country Music Mag (France), THE only french bimonthly printed magazine dedicated to Country Music and Americana from USA (since 12 years and 72 printed issues) : « They are rare number of artists that I can only count on my ten fingers that will never disappoint you. That's mysterious alchemy between the artist and you is never easy to explain. In the case of Gretchen Peters does it come from the humanity and soul you can feel in any note she sing? From the melancholy and sadness of most of his words? Mystery! Anyway this album and songs goes, as usual, straight to your heart and soul. Thank you Gretchen just to be as you are: a precious artist we cherish to have the opportunity to put in my personal pantheon (to the side of Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Hannah Aldridge and Lori McKenna)...»

Midland on the cover of our september/october 2017, 55th issue, first magazine to put them on a cover ever!!!
I love you Midland and put you on the cover of my magazine COUNTRY MUSIC MAG (France) as soon as your early beginning (2017), finding you really got something special but, as we all know, as talented as you are, CMA Awards winners are ''nothing but'' big sell level so, this time, you got a good chance to win! Love you guys!!!

Lauren Mascitti - God Made A Woman

At last, I discovered her !

An independant artist I discovered, only a few minutes ago. Unknown child of Emmylou Harris (it's a joke but a good image she inspired me!). Talented, beautiful songs, words and music. What could we ask for more?... She get the success she deserve! 


After a 3 year iatus, Tim McGraw is back with a f... good album !

A real pleasure to confirm that after a 30 year career and 16 studio albums, like a old Bordeaux wine, Tim McGraw taste better and better (if it is possible!?!). The cover figure it all: head in the stars but feet deep on the floor. An album with songs and words full of humanity on marvelous melodies. What should we ask more? : not waiting 3 more years for the next one! it is good to be here on earth with such a great album to listen and listen and listen again.


Cayleee Hammack - If It Wasn't For You

No, she is not another new face in Country Music landscape...

She is much more than that!!!

Caylee Hammack is one of the reason I love Country Music: the opportunity, like no other musical format, to discover new talented artists. With a fascinating voice, mix between Kate Bush and Celine Dion (great references, don't you think?). Singer, songwriter, co-producer of her first album, she seems to have it all for a success coming soon.

Colter Wall


I had the chance to discovered Colter as soon as his last record company sent me demo in 2017 and as we say in France : "I fall on my ass''. Was he the unknown son of Johnny Cash? More authentic it is impossible. So far from what Nashville, Tennessee produced, he can stand proudly by the side of Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson and other raw artists that did not sold their soul to money. My deepest congratulations Colter to offer us such brilliant songs and words. I will be honor to review your last album in my magazine. 

Congratulations to Lori McKenna & Mary Chapin Carpenter

(July and August) on COUNTRY MUSIC MAG, France

Lori McKenna - Ballader
Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Dirt and The Dust


Tim Mc Graw will be on the cover of our 72th issue (publish late august).

This issue will mark the 12 years birthday of our magazine!!!

12 years ago, when I was fool enough to launch the first french magazine dedicated to USA Country music and bimonthly printed in colour, some said: ''It will never work!''...

12 years later, Country Music Mag (France) is proudly still alive and well!

Thanks to all our readers to be faithfull, year after year, to our magazine.

And thanks also to our american visitors, more and more present on our web site to have a french point of view about this music genre we love so much!!!

Jonny Houlihan Dig

Always a pleasure for me to discover such talented artist !

I did not knew him only two days ago, then a reader of the magazine gave me the information it could be good I discover this guy! So thanks Renato and thanks Jonny to be one of the new Country Music artist I add to my long list of great discoveries.

Kip Moore - Wild World

Kip Moore is back... At Last and it worse to wait so long!

Discovering Kip Moore, back ''Up All Night'' his 2012 album, was a big blast! Loved this broken voice and great words, rythm and melodies. Then I did not refind that first feeling in his two next albums... So it is great to find all the things that shake me first.

Mike And The Moonpies - The Lost Songs Of Gary Stewart

Texan Country Music at his best !...

What a pleasure to discover in my own country in 2018 at ''The Green Espace Festival'' Mike and The Moonpies! Since that, I followed these guys with a always renew pleasure! The album will not broke that circle!


James Robert Webb


Traditional Country Music will always still alive and well!

James Robert Web is another example that shows you can be young but decide to turn the back to new tendances to create your own style. A talented new traditionalist singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice and (I hope !) a big futur bright star under Nashville, Tennessee skies !

JAMES WEBB's INTERVIEW (2020, June 1st)


Ashley McBryde - Never Will


She is not another new girl singing country music and probably will never be!

I had the pleasure to see her live on stage last september at Country Night Festival, Gstaad (Switzerland) and could, at last, understand why she received son many rewards!



Unbelievable songs, sophisticated and catchy. The first time you hear this album, you only have one wish: to listen it again and again! My deepest congratulations Ingrid!!! An album I will review with a deep pleasure in my 70th printed issue. You are one of the good reason I make this job: (sometime) discover jewell like this album!!!



Ray Scott  - Nowhere Near Done EP

I had the big pleasure to meet Ray (february 2015) at Billy Bob's saloon, Disneyland Paris for a video interveiw. I was already a big fan since so many year I cannot tell ;-). Ray Scott is this kind of rare artist who do not compromise and it is just what we can confirm in the great EP he launched these last days. I rated this album four stars as ''excellent album''. A pure Country without all these actual artificial sounds (and voices ?), we heard too many time those last years... Hope to see you again on (and out) of stage Ray. One of your faithfull fan from France



A third Summer US tour in a row! What a pleasure to see them, once again, on the road!!! See the dates


The Cadillac Three - Country fuzz

21st Century Country!

These guys do not respect anything... And it is good like that ! Why will they propose us a gentle Country Music?... Have they the look of people doing that!?!.. So no surprise, once again they mixed it with a good proportion of Rock and Blues... So gooood!! Cheers to Country Music rebels!

Billy Ray Cyrus ''Singin' Hill Sessions Vol.1

What a big pleasure to see Billy Ray Cyrus's back with a great 3 songs EP: The Singin' Hills Sessions Vol.1

1992, he made me discover what Country Music was so I am from a generation who considere Miley as Billy Ray's daughter and not Billy as Miley' father ;-)

I am glad to announce I will dedicace him a full page in Country music Mag, France 69th issue

Fire't Up Brantley Glbert 2020 Tour
Brantley Gilbert begin a new tour: 34 cities from january 30th to may 8th. To buy your tickets click on the picture above

Lauren Jenkins on Bruce Springsteen's covers

Covering Bruce Springsteen can be intimidating. No one can do Bruce like Bruce can. So instead of trying to copy Bruce, I brought my own truth to these two songs. I got to record these tracks with my friends as I hear them in my head when I’m tumbling down the highway or falling asleep at night. I chose not to change any of the lyrics, but instead brought a woman’s voice to a man’s story. To me, that approach brings a different layer to the song and a different perspective. I think the stripped down recordings show just how powerful these two songs are… even when they’re bare-boned.

"Stolen Car" and "Hungry Heart" are just that. They’ve been part of the soundtrack to my life and I’m so excited to share my take on them with you.

Lauren Jenkins

As a long time Bruce Springsteen's fan (1981) I wanted to express you my deepest congratulations for the great covers you made of these 2 iconic songs! more informations on: laurenjenkins.com

Another good news: Lauren will be in Europe from january 22nd to february 7th


Dustin Lynch - Tullahoma

January, 17th

A little desapointed by this album that will not be his best and definitively fed up with this mettalic voice effect so many artists used (and abused) now. Go back to your roots and raw voice Dustin, it was so good then!


Little Big Town - Nightfall

January, 17th

The return of this great vocal harmony quartet is always a big pleasure! And, may be more than ever with this master piece album. So soft voices we only have a need: to listen to them again and again!


January, 10th

Ronnie Dunn is back with a 24 tracks made of wich music influenced him the most. A collection of great songs and wonderfull covers that remind us how much he took an important part in Country Music History!

Country Music Mag, issue 68th

We are proud to present you the cover of our 68th printed issue!

  • Blake Shelton and ''Fully loaded God Country'', his brand new album are on the cover of our 68th issue a good way too to focus the attention of our readers on this great Country megastar.
  • 12 new country albums rewiewed
  • Luke Combs: return on this musical phenomenon.
  • Good ol' Time: dedicated to Bill Monroe
  • Country festival made in USA
  • What did they became: Jason Michael Carroll
  • Nashville's nights: the rooftops
  • Guitar: Eric Church's Gibson
  • Video documentary: BLUEBIRD
  • Musical press: Taylor Swift on cover of Billboard magazine
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