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One of my biggest pleasure as Country Music Mag manager and editor is to discover news young talent... Tyler is one of the kind !

Tytler Braden What Do They Know




Warner Home Nashville

november, 19th, 2021

Seven songs with words and stories coming right from his heart and experiences he already lived. Great melodies and an authentic and raw energy he put in anything he sings. What a remarquable first album!!!




Tyler Braden

Hi Tyler,

As a long time american music's fan (I am now 62) one of my pleasure when I decided 14 year ago to launch this bimonthly printed magazine was to discover talented new comers. I cannot play any guitar but I think with time I got a god ear and feel authenticity on artist voice. It is what led me to contact you because you are one of them.

So first of all, I would like to summerize what first impressions my discover of your music was.

May be the word 'ENERGY' will came first to my mind. On live images we can already see on Gravel Drive Sounds Concerts Event (''She Don't Care'', What Do They Know'', ''Way To Miss Yo'', ''Love Is A Dead End Road'', ''Way To miss You'' with not less than two electric guitar players that brings high power !!! Or more intimate song like ''Secret''), you seems to give anything you have in your guts with the power of your music and great range of your voice. You seem to play your life on stage. You make me think to some kind of mix between Luke Combs and Brantley Gilbert (a man you meet, I saw on photographs).

A few words about him?

I definitely appreciate all the kind words and, as for Brantley, he has been such a huge support for my band and crew and myself for a while now. I’ve been blessed to play a lot of shows with them and he, along with his crew, are some of the best guys I’ve met in town. I hope to do a lot more with them before it’s all said and done.

You believe in your words you song and any people could realize it is your life and what happened in it that you sing with sincerity and simplicity. Feel you are a good guy

Signed by a major record company, produced a first EP a few days ago and now… Touring.

I probably think (tell me if I am wrong!) that you already enjoy the progression you made these last months and, may be, simply enjoy too, what your daily life became.
What things are you the most proud of ?

It’s been a great year for sure. We always try and take it one step at a time but I’m so excited to have this EP out and to be touring with such a great artist that is able to share a lot of wisdom on this industry. I would probably say I am most proud of the crew that I have built around me. My band and crew consists of my best friends and my fiancé and I get to share all of these experiences with them and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

What's your feelings about knowing that you got 377,345 people listening to your music any month on Spotify?

Every statistic I see is overwhelming for sure! It’s crazy to think that a boy from Alabama has so many people interested in the art he has to share. Spotify has been so supportive through all of our releases so I can't wait to see it grow.

What was your other mean occupations during these pandemic 18 last month?

Over the pandemic I wrote more than anything else. It was a blessing to get to pour so much out and I’m excited to release it all.

It seems you spent time on live recording on Youtube ('Secret Livestream'/'Gravel Drive Sounds Concerts Event').

Being on social media became essential for any artists to keep in touch with there public so I wonder if you find time to spend by yourself on Facebook and other social media or is it someone of the Warner Company in charge of? I was surprised to see that you do not wrote a lot of answers about post wrote on your Facebook page. No time anymore to, I suppose ?

Social media is a constant struggle for every artist and there’s always a new platform popping up haha. Every response comes from me personally and I consider it a blessing to have so many fans reaching out on social media that it actually becomes hard to keep up. I guess it’s a blessing and a curse but we always do our best to respond.

Today, with streaming platforms, artists do not make money anymore by selling their albums and they have no other choice for it to tour. It seems to be a return to basics, what do you think about that?

I don’t think it’s that big of a change for artists because touring has always been important. The biggest impact here is on the songwriters and we are at a constant battle trying to get writers paid more for their work in a world based around streaming. As for an artist, touring will always be the most important part because that is where you interact face to face with your fans. No matter where the music sale come from, touring is where you connect.

What is this weird logo you were stick on your cap?

So we have a set of patches that can be interchanged on our hats and the ones I wear are state outlines of Alabama and Tennessee with a thin red line through them. The thin red line is a symbol of support for firefighters and the families of firefighters that have fallen in the line of duty.

A question about this strange kind of humor and self derision that made you name your first tour : ''The Worst Country Tour Of All Time'' ! ;-) Is it a private joke or the real name of your coming tour?

The name “The worst country tour of all time” is actually decided by the headliner, Brantley Gilbert, and it’s a play on words based on the title of his recent single, “the worst country song of all time”

Tyler, as you probably know better than anybody else, new comer Country Artists are so many that it is not easy to find who will be talented and strong enough to make a long time career. So what's your ambitions, hopes, dreams and projects for next months and year(s)?

My goal is to take it one step at a time and keep those around me feel supported and included. My number one goal is to always include those that I care about. I obviously have aspirations of selling out arenas and winning awards (who doesn’t?) but none of that matters if you don’t take those closest with you all the way.

To end, as I usually do, let me know what images come to you mind when you think about France. Even it is some ''clichés''?

That’s a tough one haha. I probably think of Paris more than anything. I’ve never been and would love to go someday.

Hope we will have the pleasure to see you in France on French Country Music festivals. I want to let you know that I will advertise, as much as I can, to Festival's presidents I know. ;-)

Thanks a lot to take time to answer my questions. Wish you the best for the rest of your life!!!!

NO NEED TO WAIT ANYMORE Jon Wolfe's ''Dos Corazones'' is already our September's ALBUM OF THE MONTH !

Let me explain you why :

Jon Wolfe Dos Corazones : Country Music Mag (France) : september album of the month


Dos Corazones

September, 1st, 2021

What do any Country Music fan is in search ?... A good Country Music album. And how can we consider that an album is good? He should be honest, raw, authentic. 'Dos Corazones' got all these qualities. And it is not a surprise, Jon always did that way! A real pleasure to listen to this album.



Triston Marez

At last, a guy I can compare to AARON WATSON !


Triston Marez

April, 16th, 2021

Torez Music Group

One of the hell Country Music artist, singer, songwriter, this guy got it all ! What a pleasure to discover his first eponym album !! A five stars album of the month in our 77th printed issue !!!

THE INTERVIEW ( june 29th, 2021 )

Triston Marez on cover of Country Music Mag (France)


You live in a family of musicians, what was the kind of music(s) you listen when you was growing up?

I listened to everything! From Cash, Waylon to Dixie Chicks to Michael Jackson! Growing up Country was always playing but I loved listening to all kinds of music!

What are your mean music influences and artists you would like to see live on stage ?

My main influences would be Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard and especially Owens because I love the steel guitar its one of my favorite instruments. I wish I could time travel and see Johnny live at Folsom.

Could you describe to me this period you produced a single, tried to get the attention of producers, and tried to be signed by labels… What was in your mind ?

Moved to Nashville when I was 18 and started working and paying my dues at tootsies lounge on Broadway I started to network around Nashville and made really good friends who followed the same dream as me which led to a lot of cowrites. Ritz call rates is riding with my mom who I still do today because she is the one who taught me the love of music! Nashville soon became home and felt like home and I was really happy to be in a city surrounded by music. When I was just starting out I had plans of releasing music by myself and I released my first single out on the dance floor it gained attention from Texas music pickers which then led me to Alex Torrez who has helped get me where I am today as an artist and songwriter he has believed in me in every aspect of this journey.

How did it happen with Torrez Music Group who seems to be the independent label that trusts you since your very first beginning?

Torrez Music group has been a blessing since day one he has helped me grow as a songwriter and put me in rooms with number one song writers and most of them that I look up to!

When I first met I had just one single with barely any live show experience. When we met we tackled a EP in just a few months and released our first project together!

Had you in your mind that true, raw, traditional Country you write and play was not the best way to get big label by your side ?

Honestly I never thought about what the route would be to be acknowledged or noticed, music has always been a passion I have always created music because it’s what I love to do.

I more especially appreciate 3 songs from your first album: ‘’Two Beers On The Bar'' and ''If you Don't Know By Now'' what great melodies and words…

Do you 100% write and compose the songs of this album ?

I had the honor to be apart of great cowrites with great writers. There is just to much talent in this town to not take the opportunity to get in a room with these artists!

What about your meet with Ronnie Dunn, how did it happen you made this duet with this Country legend ?

It all started as a joke in the studio while we were cutting vocals on ‘‘Where The Neon Lies’’.. Alex Torrez had said how well this song fits Ronnie and his voice. Sure enough two weeks later Ronnie sent us a track with his vocals and I was completely blown away! Brooks and Dunn are a HUGE influences and just all around legends. To have Ronnie Dunn on a song with me is a dream, still doesn’t feel real!

You (probably) do not know that in France, Country fans are 99% traditional Country fans. The debate between Pop Country and real Country is absolutely not the same as in the USA, most of french Country fans just ignore and most of the time do not appreciate at all Pop Country. The main problem in France is that most of national media does not know at all what 21th century Country Music is… They stayed focused only on Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Willy Nelson, half a century late, what a shame ! So let me ask you this question :

Do you agree about the frustration you probably get not to be played on big ''country'' radio stations as pop artists are?

I try not to think about what others are accomplishing, especially doing things I’m not! Everyone has there own path and it’s up to me to stay focused and not get distracted and down on the things I’m not involved in! I believe in creating music for the people to connect with. I have been blessed with amazing people who listen to my stuff so far, I have to be happy about that! I believe in country music from the heart! wherever that road takes me I’ll follow!

I am sure that with young guys like you (and many other talented people such as Aaron Watson) genuine Country will never dies. And I thank you for that too. Now a triple question : Did you ever play in a foreign country ?

I have not but definitely on my bucket list!

Would you appreciate to play in France ?

Of course. Any where that supports my music would be amazing to play! I have never been outside the country and France is FOR SURE on the list of places to visit and see.

  Triston Marez

To end, a few words for your french fans ?...

Big THANKS to those out there who support the music and spreads the noise, every stream, follow, share helps grow the foundation and it all counts! I can’t wait to travel out one day and share the music in a live atmosphere


A big hug to Triston Marez to take time in a crazy schedule to answer my questions and to Alex Torrez - Torrez Music Group to made this interview possible! Pictures courtesy of Torrez Music Group


Jackson Dean



Jackson Dean

April, 30th, 2021

Big Machine Records

Discover such a talented new comer is always a real pleasure.

Thanks to Scott Borchetta from Big Machine Records to sign this, already great, singer songwriter!


Dallas Moore - The Rain


The rain

April, 9th, 2021

Sol Records

For those, wherever they live, wh, a good news : Dallas Moore and his band are still alive and well !

Want to get some proof ?... Listen to ''The rain'' probably one of his best album ever !!!

A real pleasure Dallas to listen to such a great album we rated 4 stars on 5 in our next Country Music Mag (France) printed edition

Dallas Moore - The Countryt Music Mag (France) Interview


Many Thanks to JD, Sol Shine Touring ; Frank Keith IV, Sweat Heart PR and Brian DeBruler Sol Records

Country Music Mag : To began, may be a few words about your personal life before your musical career… Where and when are you born ?
Dallas Moore : Born in Cincinnati, Ohio August 7th 1970.

What was the kind of music you listen to when you was young and your favorite artistes ?
My favorites when I was young were Elvis Presley and Waylon Jennings.

When did you began to write and who were your main music influences?
I got my first guitar at age 16 and started writing songs right away as I learned to play. My main early influences were Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers as well as Bluegrass, Blues and Jazz Music.

We all know that this Pop/Hip-hop/Country from Nashville, Tennessee make think to some of us that traditional Country Music feels bad, but I do not think so… What is you point of view about this phenomena that made most of ''Country Music'' radio stations DJ's airing most of that kind of music rather than Trad Country ?
I don’t really pay any attention to the modern mainstream country radio. I prefer to seek out the music that I enjoy and support those stations and DJ’s who support our kind of music.

It seems that you are faithful to places (OmniSound Studio Nashville, once again) and people because you seems to be now use to work with producer Dean Miller who share his professional life between production and launching is own albums.

What did he gave you the other producers don't ?
Working with Dean Miller is the best of the best! We have built a great friendship and working relationship over the last 3 albums and I’m looking forward to continuing our work together on the next album. Dean is a great producer and has a way of making everyone comfortable and happy in studio with a great atmosphere of camaraderie.

When you are in studio, do you work with your touring bandmates or with sessions players ?
I use a combination of both. On THE RAIN my guitarist of 26 years Lucky Chucky aka Chuck Morpurgo joined us on Electric and Acoustic Guitars and we had most of the same studio players return from the last album including Guthrie Trapp on guitar, Steve Hinson on Pedal Steel, Jenee Fleenor on Fiddle, Gordon Mote on Piano and Organ, Lex Price on Bass , Chad Cromwell on Drums, Tim Galloway on Acoustic Guitar and Sweepy Walker on Harmonica.

Almost unbelievable to learn that most of "the Rain" songs came in one take or two. How can such a "miracle'' be possible? I suppose it come from the guys that played with you on this album… A few words about them ?
We cut all 10 songs for this album in one 4 1/2 hour session. We captured a very LIVE energy this time around and the Band really came together very organically to bring these songs to life.

In ''Every Night I Burn Another Honky Tonk Down'' song, I feel you sang almost the same way that Johnny Van Zant do. Is Lynyrd Skynyrd a band you like?
I’ve always been a big Skynyrd fan and we have even done a few shows together over the years!

This period of ''inactivity'' should be very weird to you use as you are those last years to 300 shows a year. What are the favorite things you do when you are at home ?
Yes if I’m at home I love to ride my Harley Davidson Road King and spend time with my Wife and Daughter.

Did you already tour in Europe and would you like to play in France when all that shit will be over and world turn again? (I send my magazine to any Country Music french festival's president so your answer could be useful ;-)
We have not toured outside of the USA as of now but we are in negociations to come play France in 2022’

Last question: what are your images about France and would you send a few words to your french fans ?
I am very much looking forward to coming to France to play music and meet our friends and fans!



Morgan Wallen - Reckless



March, 19th, 2021

LadyLike records

Glad to see that independant artists could also, sometime and probably not enough often, female!

What a pleasure to discover today Morgan Wade.

A broken voice that got heart and soul, a music and words that means something.

Hope she will make her way in this music industry.

She deserve it so!!!


In France some courageous people try to make live Country Music web radio stations... Not the easy way to make their livbing ;-)

Not bad, also sometimes, to listen what happens on the other side of Atlantic Ocean.

I discovered WMOT : the Roots Radio and instantely love it.

The station is not 100% Country Music or Americana, but what the f...k, USA get for some frenchies all these musical format we love since we were born

To listen it, click on her logo beside !



Clint Roberts Rose Songs


Rose Songs

February, 26th, 2021

Carry On Music

Debut album from this North Carolina native that immediately charms you by his warm voice and nice melodies. Great beginnings!

Not easy to put his music into a box. And, is it usefull? The easy way would be to classify him as Americana artist. But he already prooved us that he is already much more than that!

You want to better know this great artist ?... Click here !


The Listening Room celebrate his 15th anniversary

This month, The Listening Room, one of the most famous Cafe in Nashville, TN will celebrate his 15th anniversary.

So thanks to Chris Blair, who founded in 2006, this great place to listen to good music!

Next time I will come back to your town, hope I could meet you Chris for an interview !?!...


It is only now that I discovered these artists and their albums and felt instantly very impressed by their degree of freedom they carry and the great words and music of their songs.

In France, were a lot of people love traditional Country, it will be a real pleasure to make both of you be discover by a review in my next 76th printed issue of COUNTRY MUSIC MAG (France).

Hope to see you guys one of these future days, when world will be open again to travel and we can listen and see good music live on stage !


Bad Ombre

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Ace-s 'N Eights

Not esasy to make a choice between his 16 albums... All of them are great!

Anyway, I made my choice and it goes to... Aces 'N Eights

Explain why will be harder.

One thing is for sure, in 2021, Country Music Mag (France) will become a lot more outlaw than in the passed ;-)

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