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Charles Johnson is not another newcomer. Much more than that ! You do not have to listen to,his brand new album ''The ladder'' to prove what you feel as soon as you listen him for the first time.

Located on a crossroad between Country Music, Folk, Americana and Rock, Charles touch my ears and soul. A raw and authentic album, we would like to have the opportunity to ear more often!

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A real pleasure to discover Kimberly Kelly. She signed with Show Dog Nashville LLC and launched her album on July 8th, 61st anniversary of Toby Keith (from the bottom of my heart : "Happy Birthday Keith !").

Nice melodies, meaningfull words, great voice and REAL COUNTRY !!!

The title question of her album is ''I'll Tell You What Gonna Happen'' and the answer, no doubt will be : ''You are gonna be famous !''


A four stars on five ! You can buy it here


Kimberly Kerry by David McClister

photo : courtesy of David McClister

THE INTERVIEW (special thanks to Joseph Conner, to made this interview possible!)

First of all, Kimberly, I would like to thank you to take time answering questions of a French magazine, as France, unfortunately, is not a big market for Country Music (language barrier and bad knowing of most of French media to what Country Music is).

I’m honored you wanted to feature me then! Thank you for having me.

Listening to your album was one more proof and example that authentic and raw neo-traditional Country Music, may be lost in the flow of commercial and pop-country, is still alive and well. Thanks for that too!

I believe there is a place for both contemporary and traditional sounds in country music!

What do you feel about following the steps of your sister Kristen?

I don’t mind it at all. I owe finally making the move to Nashville to my sister. She had me on the road to sing harmony with her when she was an artist on Sony. Seeing her make it gave me the courage to keep going myself.

Since the time you played on Texas Music scene, what were the most important steps in you career?

Moving to Nashville. Having the opportunity to tour in Texas was a vital step though, and an experience that not all artists in other states have.

Who are your most important references as female singers and why?

Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and even nowadays Miranda Lambert. They’ve build empires from their music careers. Musically I always circle back to Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, Reba and Dolly.

What would you say about female and Country Music, the way, as usual for any other jobs, seems to be harder.

I don’t think about it, I just do the work. I’m used to working hard at any job. It’s a work ethic in general for me, I don’t look at it like I’m out to prove something because I’m a female.

But there is more and more female in Country music these last years, Why and do you feel there is any evolution?

I think women in country music are writing great songs, and know who they are as artists. It’s hard to deny talent when they have it— male or female.

Signing with Toby Keith’s Show Dog Nashville was probably a great day. How does all that happen?

I was introduced to Toby Keith’s label by the head of the Thirty Tigers label. It was a great day! I was paired with them because my team felt there is still a place for my kind of music on country radio, and ShowDog has the team to get me there.

Did the self-production of your ‘’Don’t Blame It on Me’’ 2018 EP participate to the decision he decided to produce you.

Yes. That EP got my my record deal.

Is it true that it was David Macias, from Thirty Tigers who made him listen too and made the junction between Toby and You?


A few words about Toby (one of my most appreciated Country artist) and this first meeting?

I met Toby when we took the signing photo to announce my record deal. He stuck is hand out and said, “Hello Kimberly. Hello, country.” It was surreal. It really sinks it when I go back and watch old footage of him, or listen to the songs of his that were out when I was a kid and I think, “I’m somewhere in this man’s future!” Which is something I could’ve never dreamed of. He’s always been such a trailblazer and he stands for hard work— which I appreciate.

Kimberly Kelly


‘’Honky Tonk Town’’, the first song of your album, is a pure dancing song, full of energy and joy. Was it important for you to open this album this way?

We didn’t set out to open the record with something so rowdy, but it made sense once we found that song. It’s a great album opener, and soon will be a great show opener!

‘’Some Things Have a Name’’ is a more sweet dancing song and a very traditional country song
“Summer like that’’ is a very nostalgic song… Are you nostalgic that much of the passed years?

You have to know where you’re coming from in order to know where you’re going. I don’t get hung up in the past, but I definitely appreciate it for what it was. Nostalgia also helps keep my grounded.

“Why Can’t I’’ a love song, very classic subject for country song. The report you made between male and female heartbreak?

I’m not sure I understand the question here, but I believe heartbreak is a universal idea for both men and women.

“I remember That Woman” a beautiful ballade. Anything autobiographic?

I didn’t write this one, but I absolutely have been the woman in the mirror in my past. This song definitely struck a chord with me.

More generally, what is the proportion of auto-biographic songs in that album?

I see a little bit of myself in all the songs on this album. They each struck a chord with me, or I wouldn’t have cut them. Although “Why Can’t I” and “Forget The Alamo” are also just fun to sing! I don’t think I’ve ever openly pined for someone— I’ve always tried to hide the fact I might be missing someone.

You ‘’only’’ co-wrote 2 songs… Another evolution for someone like you who first wanted to write any songs and words. What made you change your point of view, and is it not dangerous to let others create songs you will have then to sing on?

It’s not dangerous at all. There are people who are born poets who can’t sing a lick and they need artists to perform their songs for them. We let the best songs win whether I wrote them or not. For me it’s all about the stories and emotions that these songs tell or evoke— that’s what’s most important in music for me.

‘’Blue Jean Country Queen’’, your first song of this album, is another dancing, energic, happy song with a great guitar and fiddle duel. Things that define you the most?

I think the attitude in that song is definitely me.

Most of title from ‘’Don’t Blame It On Me” to ‘’Forget The Alamo’’ seems to be the most traditional country song of the album, a real return to passed country songs. Were they the ones you love the most?

No, but I do LOVE the emphasis on the steel guitar in “Don’t Blame It On Me” and the fiddle on “Forget The Alamo.”

What do you think about Country Music that is produce these days with more and more mix of Pop, Hip-Hop and others musical genres ?

If it’s a good song, it’s a good song to me regardless of how traditional sounding the instruments are.

In France, fans of Country Music are fans of traditional Country and seems to be lost in what the listen today…

‘’Person That You Marry’’ third love song is your second personal song with a beautiful melody
‘’No Thanks (I Just Had One)’’ talk about a real heavy man… Does such these kind of guy really exist ? ;-)

I have experience divorce in my family in regards to “Person That You Marry,” and there is always some guy at the bar trying to strike up a conversation like the one in “No Thanks!”

‘’First Fool In Line’’ fourth love song...

You closed this album with ‘’Black Rose’’ is a great and punchy cover of Coun try Blues Billy Shaver’s song, why especially this one?

A lot of Billy Joe’s songs are written about loving on a woman. “Black Rose” was a story I could sing and tell from the outside. Who doesn’t feel like that also? “The devil made me do it the first time, the second time I done it on my own?”

The title of your album is a wink to Billy Joe Shaver, your ‘’mentor’’, what did he represent for you?

Billy Joe represented perseverance and honesty.

And what about the fact that Billy was too early gone to see that your album is out?

He knew I was working on one. He knew what I was capable of. He’s no longer with us, but I know he approves.

Magic of international music platforms (as Spotify) your album can be heard everywhere on the word. What do you think about social media, the room they take are they usefull and do you take tame to answer your fans by yourself?

Social media and music platforms are vital and incredible. I love talking with people! I see everything and respond when I can! I can’t wait to travel to France and play!!

As usual, I always end by asking question about France. Would you like to sing in France and what does France represent to you?

Absolutely! France represents romance to me— elegance, fashion, good food, love, and a beautiful language I wish I could speak! I’m sure that’s a very “American” idea of France. Teach me more!

I think it is the idea about France lot of foreigners have. I just can add a country that, with the size of Texas state, got so many and much different and beautiful landscapes from mountains of the Alps to south seaside ''côte d'azur'' and from historic middle age castles to Atlantic south west beaches ; wine paradise fans ; cheese that do not smell good but who taste divine and to end, last but not least : Paris, probably one of the most beautiful town in the world you can imagine ! ;-)

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