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Trent Tomlinson

Trent Tomlinson was kind enough to spend time to answer this interview he received a few days before Christmas 2016.
Trent Tomlinson

At the age of 30 you signed a record deal with Lyric Street, What was your life made of between 20 and 30?

My life was all about being a starving and struggling song writer. I was working every day writing songs and building up my catalog. I essentially spent 10 years writing the songs that eventually made it onto my album “Country is My Rock”.

Photo: courtesy of Mucho Love Music  
4 or 5 years without record company contract… How did you survived and stay in Country Music industry?

I was fortunate to be able to continue touring based on the strength of my first album. That allowed me to stay relevant as an artist without releasing new material. In that time I also wrote for other artists such as George Strait, Sarah Evans, Parmalee (Close Your Eyes For This).

''When She Goes There'', your first new single did not already enter Hot Country Songs Charts or Country Airplay. How to make a single enter charts ?… Country radio stations tour?

We actually haven’t even started to promote the singles. What most people don’t realise is how long it takes for a single to make it to the charts, it can be months or even a year from the initial release.  We are currently in the preliminary stages of promotion. The big push for the album and the singles will happen in 2017. This “push” will involve me flying around country, doing radio tours, free shows, fan meetups; anything I can do to create awareness and spread the music around.

How a independent artist can make his way in these conditions?
It’s all about the music. It takes a lot to dig yourself out from underneath the shadow of a major label, but good songs always win. If you continue to keep plugging away at it and keep making the best music that you can, you will come out on top. It also helps to have a great team supporting you, and I have that with Mucho Love
Photo: courtesy of Mucho Love Music
Let's talk about ''That's What's Working Right Now'' your long-awaited by all you fans second album. How would you describe it? What are the songs you are much proud of and why?
I’m proud of all of them. I think it’s a complete body of work. In today’s musical climate, people are really pushing singles and 3 song EPs, they aren’t making full bodies of work. Each song tells a story that rounds out the full thought process of the whole album. A few of the songs, That’s What’s Working Right Now and I Called Up Hell, were written 5 or 6 years ago but still hold up to the new music being written, which I think says a lot about the quality of the work.
You got a Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat page who allowed you to be in close contact with your fans but no web site… Do you consider that an artist web site is no longer useful with all these social medias ?
My artist website is being currently being rebuilt for this new album, along with all of my medias. Like I mentioned earlier, the real push for this album hasn’t even begun. The only reason it’s doing so well out of the gate is based on strength of fans commitment. This has allowed it to catch the ear of terrestrial radio. I am very active on my social media, which I think is important for any modern artists.  It’s great that I can communicate so directly with my fans. They are the reason I am where I am today, so to hear what they have to say and show my appreciation is a powerful thing. (Include my media handles somewhere. Twitter: @trenttomlinson Instagram: @officialtrenttomlinson snapchat: trent.tomlinson).
Trent Tomlinson
You will probably play in august in France. Is it your first foreign travel as an artist ?
It’s not my first foreign travel, but it is my first time in France. I’m interested to see what the European climate will offer my music. To be honest, I’m don’t know what to expect from your audiences, which is intimidating, but I’m excited to play for a new kind of crowd. I would hope that I can appeal to French listeners, and keep coming back in the future.
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What France represent for you and any words for your french fans?
France is a big milestone for my career. I’ve always dreamed of taking my music to the European market, and this is my opportunity. So far I’ve primarily been an American artist, so it will be  interesting to see the reaction, and how it’s received by an audience so far from my roots. As for my french fans; thank you so much for the support so far, and be sure to come see me this summer!

Special thanks to Payton Garrity at Mucho Love Music for his handwriting french language text. Congratulations for the quality of your french!

Trent Tomlinson got also many french fans in France. So...

I decided to offer them this web page dedicated to this great artist. News about him, may be soon an exclusive french interview? Come back soon!

A message from...

(Trent Tomlinson's label) :

"Thank you for your support! Trent will actually be playing a few gigs in France this summer. Keep your eyes peeled".


Mucho Love MUSIC

Ten years I waited for that moment: A second Trent Tomlinson's Album! My french Country Music magazine will go on to promote him in France as much as I can until he came to play live on stage for his french fans.

Trent Tomlinson - That's What's Working Now

2006, ''Country Is My Rock'' made me discover a great singer songwriter.

I promoted him with my french magazine and web site as much as I could to make him play in France... In vain!

Now, at last, we can listen to his long time awaited second album and, no surprise: a new masterpiece.

Nashville big label have no hear anymore, not to sign this unbelievable guy. So Thanks Mucho Love Music to produced him.

Jack, manager of COUNTRY MUSIC MAG

TRENT TOMLINSON - That's What's Working Right Now (oct 28th)
Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, Francerated as exceptional album on MADE IN USA magazine issue #50 november/december 2016)
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In France, Trent Tomlinson got many fans so MADE IN USA magazine decided to create the first ever Trent Tomlinson's French fans web page


Trent Tomlinson, working on new material!... A new CD soon released?

Hope you know that guy?... It is Trent Tomlinson one of my favourite Country Music artist's that I ever discovered! He seems to record new material (for a second CD..?). Hope he will released soon?

I cannot believe that such a talented guy only had an album behind him. But what an album! "Country Is My Rock" (2006)


Country Is My Rock by Trent Tomlinson

COUNTRY IS MY ROCK (march 7th, 2006)

  1. Country Is My Rock
  2. Cheatin' On My Honky-Tonk
  3. Hey Batter Batter T
  4. Just Might Have Her Radio On
  5. The Next Time
  6. A Good Run
  7. Drunker Than Me
  8. The Bottle
  9. I Was Gonna Leave Tomorrow Anyway
  10. One Wing In The Fire
download on


Then "A Guy Like Me", an EP (2010) and then... Nothing!... What a crying shame!!!


A Guy Like Me by trent Tomlinson

A GUY LIKE ME (january 12th, 2010)

  1. Angels Like Her
  2. Henry Cartwright's
  3. That's How It Still Oughta Be
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Hope to see you on stage Trent... One of these future year!... In USA or may be, why not in France!

Jacques Mouchet, COUNTRY MUSIC MAG Manager and editor

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